Our Background

Elite Nursery and Junior Academy started in 2010.

It started with 4(four) classes that’s; Baby, Middle, Top and Primary One. The school started with 57 pupils. Elite Nursery and Junior Academy started with four teachers these are;

1.Muggaga Stellah
2.Nakagiri Rehemah.
3.Nkwanga Peninah(Headteacher)
4.Etima Sarah.

And two non-teaching staff these are;
1 Nalwanga Suzan (Chef)
2 Mugonyi patrick.(School Attendant)

Nursery and Junior school started in the headship of Mrs Nkwanga Peninah who is still heading it up to-date.

The school has been adding on classes since it’s inception and by the end of 2015 the school had reached primary five (P.5) with a total enrollment of 300 pupils. The school also has a boarding school available for pupils from P.1 to P.5.

Our Vision

To Be one of the best Nursery and junior Schools in Uganda

Our Mission

To provide quality educatin by bringing up pupils with a good command of English, enhance their self esteem and mould their behavior to fit & compete favourably in this dynamic world

Our Objective

To train our Pupils to be smart, polite, responsible, competitive and independent